Posted By sarah
01 August 2017

Beautiful Bedrooms
Creating Your Perfect Space With Bedding

What’s the most exciting part of your day? For me, it’s that moment at the end of a long day (after a relaxing peppermint tea of course) when you’re climbing into bed. Snuggling in to find that prime sleeping position. It’s even better when it’s a freshly made bed with the electric blanket on high to make you toasty and warm!

Bed has been particularly inviting during these cold Canberra nights. If you too proclaim your love for warm nights in, with the covers pulled up high, why not create a bed that’s hibernation worthy?

We’ve sourced a beautiful range of wide width linens to custom make your own bedding. You can mix and match and create your own snuggly wilderness! To top it all off, we can also custom make your own bed head. A great addition to the warmth of your bed, but also creates a spiffy aesthetic!

I’ve added a few snooze-worthy beds to help get the inspiration flowing.

Willie Weston – Ampilatwatja – Singing Bush Medicine – Twilight

Cloth and Paper Studio – DKY – Shadow

Hemptech – Estiva – Shadow

Unique – Sassi – Mineral

Cloth and Paper Studio custom made felt cushion

Unique – Marseilles – Nile

Hemptech – Barletta – Smokey Pearl

Cloth and Paper Studio – DKY – Willow

Yolanda Zarins – Bush Pearl – smoke on flax

Pedroso + Osorio – on the road

Cloth and Paper Studio custom linen thrown with blanket stitch

Relaxed Linens – Image from :

Calming mix of linen and knit from @reallivingmag

Beautiful Blues from Walter G

Bold fun pattern from @edit_fabrics

Soft bed head with earthy tones from @mcmhouse

Boutique Prints – Greenery in the bedroom from @stylerevolutionary