Posted By sarah
25 May 2017

Botanicals in Textiles

With the weather cooling off, we’ve been jumping out on the weekends trying to make the most of the Canberra sun. We’re so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing bushland, which is why we were inspired to talk this month about the amazing Australian botanical designs you can find in our showroom.

Botanical prints and textiles have a huge history together, originating in Asia, florals held deep symbolic meaning. By the 1400’s and 1500’s thanks to the benefits of trade, Europe began to purchase and even produce their own take on the designs. Ever heard of English textile designer William Morris? In the 1800’s he was a major contributor to British textiles, creating over 600 textile and wallpaper designs. He even created furniture, tiles, poetry, and novels. I know right? Is there anything he didn’t do? Today you can still find a beautiful range of William Morris Designs, we even have some in our showroom amongst our Sparkk range.

1. Utopia Goods

2. Sparkk

Australia has created it’s own take on botanical designs, and you only have to take a step outside to understand why. In our showroom we are surrounded by designs of beautiful eucalypts, wattle, waratahs, and even the beautiful Australian bird life.

With designs from Utopia Goods, Native Swinson, Yolanda Zarins and Willie Weston we have a range of hand illustrated, screen printed and digitally printed fabrics and wallpapers that would add warmth and colour into any home! We feel as though we’re in amongst nature in the comfort of our heated showroom.

Here are just a few shots of the beautiful range we have.

Utopia Goods

Native Swinson

Yolanda Zarins

Yolanda Zarins

Willie Weston