Posted By sarah
18 January 2017

Style Picks
Working With Textiles To Create Your Space

Already this year we have been totally inspired by what’s coming through in design and are pumped for the year ahead!

The constant stream of beautiful textile designs and soft furnishings that fill our inbox have us bursting with ideas of how to create like looks from our ranges.

Below are a few of our fave creative styles this month together with some fabric and wallpaper designs we have pulled that would be great ways to make these looks yours.

Boho perfection from @reallivingmag

We love the soft, earthy and effortless feel of this style.

Quercus & Co. No. 5 in Black Ink

Savannah Hayes Throw Mali in Onyx

Marie’s Corner Cow

Simple elegance from @trestylist, these guys nail this clean and modern aesthetic every time.

Mixing trims, stripes and plains and creating luxury.

Bruder Linen

Sparkk Tilly in Loch

Style Revolutionary Bijoux 9″ Tassel Fringe in Linen Melange

A tropical sanctuary with minimalist sophistication from @arentpyke_inout

Style Revolutionary Jute rug

Sparkk The Monster

Sparkk Palm in Black

Marie’s Corner Nubuck Leather