Posted By sarah
27 June 2017

Supplier Spot
Rouse Phillips

Rouse Phillips have been on the Australian boutique textile scene since 2012 and we are so thrilled to have their beautiful designs as part of our Studio Collection.

Anastasia and Tim Rouse are a Sydney based design duo working out of their gorgeous home studio that I was lucky enough to visit this month to catch up and get a sneak peak of the killer new designs coming our way – with the added medium, Wallpaper!!

The team source high quality cloth, yarns, dyes and papers which they source both locally and world wide. Their beautiful fabric and wallpaper designs begin by hand with a range of artistic techniques and are digitally printed onto their substrates for our soft furnishings.

I couldn’t write about Anastasia and Tim’s art without mentioning their gorgeous rugs. I have personally fallen in love with their hand knotted collection; in particular – Colour Shards (Pictured below) This piece is stunning! Made from a combination of silk and wool, it is a geometric maze of colour and texture.

Their rug collections are designed in Sydney and woven in Nepal. All completely handmade, they use the highest quality yarns and dyes. Rouse Phillips work closely with the family in Nepal to ensure a practical and beautiful finished product.

The duo pride themselves on being true to their personal art and design styles rather than following trends. Sticking to what they love means achieving original and unique patterns from their creative process. Their methods and results are so beautiful they could inspire the creative side in us all.

Anastasia and Tim hold a strong appreciation for designs and colours that will stand the test of time. Their designs transcend different artistic periods and styles so their textiles will be able to reside in our homes effortlessly for years to come.

Below are a few examples of their current collections and a couple of teasers of what’s next!

Colour Shards Rug

Los Toros


Kilim Design

Kilim Design

Houses of Marrakech

Coming Soon – New Wallpaper

Coming Soon – New Wallpaper