Posted By sarah
07 April 2017

Supplier Spot
Quercus & Co

From the beginnings of Cloth and Paper Studio, we had our eye on this fabulous brand and just knew we needed these incredible prints in our collection.

Quercus & Co was launched in 2012 by Adam Jones. Adam works out of Sydney and has a strong background working with pattern and colour. As a graduate of Textile Art in London the years to follow found him dealing with aspects of colour and pattern on a daily basis. Adam uses an art-like eco-friendly paper rather than the traditional white, adding an earthy, rich and warm nature to his work. Embracing the quirks and characteristics of creating the works by hand—drawing and painting with watercolour—he then utilises the benefits of digital printing to produce beautiful textiles and wallpapers for us to use throughout our homes.

We have had a chat to Adam about what drives him in design, his day to day as a creative and a few of his favourite things…

What is your background and what inspired you to get into this industry?

I studied Textile Art in London and after graduating travelled quite a bit. Back in London at one point I very reluctantly took a job in a paint and wallpaper shop. I loved it and would spend hours looking at all the wallpaper books. I think it was at that point I imagined myself as a wallpaper designer. Many years later in Australia I was asked by Porters Paints to design a series of wallpapers and five years ago launched Quercus & Co.

What is your favourite aspect of the job?

Working on new designs is the most exciting but also most gruelling part of the process. The pressure is on to create something that will appeal to our customers. There’s a point after a new pattern has been painted and scanned into the computer when it comes together. It can be really fun tweaking and adjusting it into ‘imperfection’. It’s also thrilling when the finished design is first seen on wallpaper or fabric.

Whats your creative process when thinking about new designs and products?

I have a huge backlog of ideas waiting to spring into new designs. The difficult part for me is choosing which direction to go in. I love so many styles of pattern, from maximalist to minimalist. I do try and consider what the mood is for interiors and what will work for our agents and customers.

Tell us a bit about your studio and how you spend your days?

I work from a wonky old tin shed in Precinct 75, St Peters. The studio is part of a group of industrial brick, timber and tin buildings that house a community of creative businesses. Apart from managing the printing, daily enquiries, orders, quotes etc. I will also be somewhere along the journey of either designing, finalising, proofing, photographing, making images and marketing a collection. This is spread over many months.

Do you have a fave work of your own and what other creative talent are you loving?

I’m always loving the latest designs I’m working on (and often hating the last collection!). There are some fab designers whose simplicity I really admire at the moment – Sara Hingle, Rebecca Atwood, Anna Redmond.

Jump over to Adams website to learn more about his ventures, his brand and see more the stunning range!